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Joining the community

We are always looking for new brands to join the Jord platform and grow our community of green merchants working to make Hong Kong a more sustainable city. Prior to listing a brand on the platform, we conduct an overall sustainability assessment using our criteria. Additionally, we understand that every business is at a different point in their sustainability transition, therefore our network includes a diverse range of companies, all at different stages in their journey (although every brand must still reach a certain baseline in our criteria). Through this, not only do we provide a wide selection of sustainable alternatives, but we hope to push brands on the platform to do more in the area of sustainability each year, driven by collective learnings from network stores and traffic from Jord shoppers.

Customisable Profile

By joining the platform, you can create a fully customisable profile, with a description, social media links, shopping links, directions to in-person locations and even featured products. We also try to get to know every brand and are always open to suggestions which can make the platform better.

Sustainability Recommendations

A core goal for the Jord platform is to further encourage a move towards environmentally responsible operations in businesses. With this, our team provides ideas for sustainability initiatives to every new merchant, based on our criteria and knowledge of existing practices.

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