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About us

We want to make a sustainable lifestyle simpler and more accessible

We are Jord, a team that wants to change the way people spend their money by making sustainability easier than ever. Our idea for Jord was born through our own struggles in living a sustainable life. With the looming climate crisis, we wanted to make a change, but found the process of identifying genuinely sustainable brands difficult and time-consuming. Nevertheless, we knew sustainable brands and products existed, but realised there was no way for consumers to discover them in one centralised place. We created Jord to solve this problem.

Our Philosophy

Every store in our network is making an active effort to reduce their environmental impact, carrying out conscious business practices throughout their operations. To determine which stores get into the network, we have created our own sustainability criteria that gather key performance indicators from various operational categories, providing a simple overview of a company's environmental impact.

We also recognise that no business is 'fully sustainable', as all products require energy and resource inputs. What we can ensure however, is that every brand listed on our platform has a lower environmental impact relative to its 'traditional' counterparts.
Additionally, we understand that every business is at a different point in their sustainability transition, therefore our network includes a diverse range of companies, all at different stages in their journey (although every brand must still reach a certain baseline in our criteria). Through this, we are able to provide a wide selection of sustainable alternatives and aim to grow the number of sustainable brands, driven by collective learnings from network stores, our ratings, and traffic from Jord shoppers.

Sustainability Badges

On a store page, you'll see different sustainability badges for each business, but what do they actually mean?

Sustainable Sourcing

This badge encompasses the materials used to create a product, such as fabrics or ingredients

Local Sourcing

For brands sourcing ingredients from local farms and companies, this is their badge

Locally Made

For products/brands which manufacture locally in Hong Kong, reducing their carbon footprint

Waste Reduction

This can encompass zero waste stores, return programmes, refill initiatives and much more

Emission Reduction

Awarded for taking action to reduce emissions, such as using ocean shipping or carbon offsetting

Vegan or Vegetarian

Restaurants that offers a variety of vegan or vegetarian dining options will earn this badge

Sustainable Packaging

Biodegradable, minimal or plastic-free packaging all count for this important badge

Water Conservation

Given to brands who take active steps to reduce water usage in their production processes

Charitable Business

Awarded when brands donate or come up with unique ways to work with charities on pressing issues

Understand our sustainability criteria

Sourcing practices we look for

Local sourcing
Responsible sourcing practices
Seasonal sourcing of ingredients

Key indicators for product sustainability

Vegan or vegetarian options
Responsible manufacturing processes
Sustainable packaging

Important points for operations

Unique initiatives and partnerships
Use of renewables/carbon offsetting
Sustainably constructed stores

The commitments we look for

Realistic carbon neutrality plans
Phasing out unsustainable materials
YoY growth in sustainable initiatives
The key performance indicators listed above are only a small handful of the initiatives we look for and value. For a more detailed look at our rating system, please visit this document or feel free to email our team with any questions you may have.

Advisory Boards

Our advisors, guiding us on key topics related to sustainability and running a business
Sustainability Advisory Board
Anne Copeland
CEO and Sustainability Advisor at Copeland and Partners
Lyn Ip
Senior ESG Solutions Strategist at VelocityEHS
Joshua Wong
Head of Sustainability at Hong Kong Shanghai Hotels
Thierry de Panafieu
Managing Partner at Hera Capital
Heidi Spurrell
Founder and CEO at Food Made Good
Business Advisory Board
Mark Chiba
Group Chairman at Longreach Group
Lisa Herrell
Director of Investor Relations at Longreach Group
Bert Kwan
Head of Private Equity at Silverhorn Group
Deepak Shahdadpuri
Founder of DSG Consumer Partners
Desmond Sheehy
CEO at Thirdspace
David B. Wang
Founder at krip

Our Team


Our team